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Ways to give through the Te Awa Community Foundation


Te Awa Community Foundation offers a simple way of helping you contribute to your community while protecting your gift so it continues to help the people and places you care about.

We understand you care about your community as much as we do. Kiwis are some of the most generous people in the world contributing their resources be it charity or volunteering to ensure their communities can thrive. We are proud to call ourselves a community foundation. We empathise with needs and requirements facing our communities, and are working  to ensure every donation goes to local causes.

  • Outward Bound Anakiwa NZ Fund

    Your support changes the lives of young people in your region who need support to reach their full potential. 

    Since 2019 the Outward Bound Harakeke course has provided a life-changing opportunity for 70 young people from your region. Harakeke, or flax, represents family in Maori culture and was an industry at the cornerstone in the development of your region. It is this spirit of whanau, hard work, success, and service to others that we want to encourage and develop in young people.

    It costs $5,000 per student or $70,000 per course to provide 21 days of life-changing experience for these special young people. Consider a one-off or ongoing gift to ensure local rangatahi continue to get great experiences like these. 

    To Find out more information please click the Read More or Giving Options + buttons below 


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  • Kai Security Fund

    Let’s Grow Kai - Growing Gardens & Communities (GG&C)

    GG&C installs garden beds in the homes of those who struggle to afford to do this by themselves and provides ongoing support and mentorship. 

    The Manawatū Food Action Network will work in close collaboration with GG&C and the wider community to provide logistical support and facilitate the purchase and planting of fruit trees alongside the gardens. By supporting people through community gardens, in-home gardening, urban farming, and social enterprise whanau will be able to not only provide their own fresh healthy produce but grow extra for their neighbours.

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  • Tararua District Endowment Funds

    The Tararua District Council has partnered with The Te Awa Community Foundation to create local funds that ensure people in our communities can give and invest for the benefit of the place where they live. 

    Council has seed funded seven local Te Awa funds, to learn more click either the Read More or Giving Options + button below.

    For more about communities in the Tararua District, visit the council's website:


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  • Pūkaha National Wildlife Centre Endowment Fund

    The Pūkaha reserve at Mount Bruce, Tararua is a restored forest and captive breeding site, home to endangered wildlife such as kiwi, pāteke, whio, takahē, kōkako, kākā, tuturuatu and tuna.

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  • Te Awa - Friends and Partners Fund

    We have initiated a fund for friends and partners of Te Awa Community Foundation. This fund exists for all friends and partners of Te Awa Community Foundation who wish to support and donate towards our charitable objectives and operational work in the region. Te Awa Community Foundation is a registered charitable organisation (CC56373) in New Zealand.

    Contact us for special donations of $1000 and over for recognition on our website, social media and publications for friends and partners of Te Awa Community Foundation.

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