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At Te Awa Community Foundation we endorse the charitable intent of every cause we support and that any fundraising activities we promote will meet our obligations under the Charities Act 2005. If you believe that the philanthropic intention of your donation has not been honoured, we will investigate the use of your donation and consider what options may exist to refund your gift.

Procedure for Refund or Return

  • Contact Te Awa Community Foundation via email.
  • Explain the issue or reason why you wish Te Awa to consider your donation being refunded.
  • Be sure to include any reference number, your name, postal address, telephone number, email address and nominated Bank Account for direct credit refunds if eligible.
  • Return goods via a prepaid and certified method to ensure a safe delivery.
  • Refunds will be made upon Te Awa Community Foundation completing a donation refund review.
  • Return Postal Address:
    c/- Stuarts Chartered Accountants
    633 Main Street
    Palmerston North
    New Zealand
  • The cost of returning donations must be borne by you.
  • In the case of exchanging goods you will not be charged for replacement shipping.

Note: Refunds for donations made by credit cards will have their Visa/Mastercard accounts credited when a case is reviewed and settlement deemed necessary on our behalf.

I wish to cancel my donation payment

You can cancel your electronic commerce transaction by contacting us before your donation has been confirmed or by written submission to the address above.

  • Payment of donations or items by credit card will have their Visa/Mastercard account credited.
  • Payment of donations or items by direct credit will have their nominated bank account credited.

All donations to a Te Awa Foundation Page and all funds in a Te Awa Foundation Account are non-refundable and non-transferable, unless we direct otherwise (which we will only do in exceptional circumstances).

If any refund that we attempt to process is unsuccessful, the donation is surrendered to the Te Awa Foundation and we reserve the right to distribute these funds to such charitable causes as we see fit.