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  • We are looking to establish a local fund that will support Jazz musicians, artists and big band events into the future so...
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    The Pūkaha reserve at Mount Bruce, Tararua is a restored forest and captive breeding site, home to endangered wildlife.
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    This community fund, established by Ice Pak New Zealand Ltd is for charitable causes and purposes in the Tararua District
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    Local funds ensure people in our communities can give and invest for the benefit of the place where they live.
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    Supporting whānau gain kai Security through in-home and community gardens, urban farming, and social enterprises.
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    This fund is dedicated to advancing charitable objectives and operations locally.
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    Your support changes the lives of young people in your region who need support to reach their full potential. 
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  • Manawatū-Whanganui Regional Disaster Relief Fund - Only activated in times of a regional emergency.
  • Thought about starting a fundraiser? With Te Awa you can! Start a fund with Te Awa and support a local cause you care about.